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The Pain

The brown, stagnant blood down my thighs, soaking my pants. The spear through my side, unexplainable with no negotiation. The salt, stinging, streaming down my cheeks. Lungs like full vacuum cleaner bags. Feet like swollen warts. Sharpness travelling up my calves and down my shins, through hopeful walks and dying tries. My spine, a broken … Continue reading The Pain

Well Here We Are…

Another year. Same me, new set of numbers. 2022. 2022 feels like a positive set of numbers, which maybe means much ‘negative’ will emerge… ya know, polarity and all that jazz. Confusing? Yes. Let’s be totally honest, most beginning of the year stuff is… confusing fluff. Because we’re the we we were in 2021 and … Continue reading Well Here We Are…


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About Me

I’m Emily.

A neurodiverse (ADHDer), queer, lover of random topics and imperfections is a snippet of me. I love exploring diversity and the weirdness and deliciousness of being human and that’s where Bite Me In Pieces came from. A place to explore the messiness of Being.

Welcome to this miniature, curated world and I look forward to connecting!

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