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What’s normal anyway?

The more I read about neurodiversity, the more I wonder where the bar of normal is. Is there a brain, a neurotypical brain in a laboratory somewhere where ALL activities within our brain are compared against? How was the concept of normal structured and who, with what brain, decided upon the activities within a brain … Continue reading What’s normal anyway?

ADHD-er for life

I’ve not written in a LONG time as, well, writing is HARD! And you may not be one-tincy bit bothered as who am I but an occasional writer of stuff who rocks up every now and again on WordPress. And the hard time I’ve given myself about NOT writing as much as I’d set out … Continue reading ADHD-er for life


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About Me

I’m Emily.

A neurodiverse (ADHDer), queer, lover of random topics and imperfections is a snippet of me. I love exploring diversity and the weirdness and deliciousness of being human and that’s where Bite Me In Pieces came from. A place to explore the messiness of Being.

Welcome to this miniature, curated world and I look forward to connecting!

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