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Circuit breaker

That’s the role meditation is playing in my life right now. Breaking the continuous chatter of ‘holy wow, it’s all going to sh*t’. And meditation also gives me the space to unpack that phrase I just wrote as ‘going to sh*t’… why is that bad? We all gotta poop and if we didn’t poop we’d … Continue reading Circuit breaker

Q’s to my A’s

I feel this blog is becoming more of a faith exploration space. Not my initial intention when I began writing this blog but… well that’s evolution for you. And once the flow begins and ya jump on board the…board, well ya go where the tide takes you I guess. Faith feels the most real and … Continue reading Q’s to my A’s


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About Me

I’m Emily.

A neurodiverse (ADHDer), queer, lover of random topics and imperfections is a snippet of me. I love exploring diversity and the weirdness and deliciousness of being human and that’s where Bite Me In Pieces came from. A place to explore the messiness of Being.

Welcome to this miniature, curated world and I look forward to connecting!

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