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Being Childfree

I don’t have kids.  I’m 39 and I’ve never tried to have children. I’ve said the reason for not having kids was not wanting them but the truth is, I have no idea about my fertility as I’ve never explored the prospect of birthing a little human! Until now. But… I can feel my body … Continue reading Being Childfree

Pass the time

I’ve decided to write a poem Trying hard to make it rhyme  I wanna be good at something And find a way to pass the time  I’ve thought about many things The subject? What could that be… I close my eyes, I focus Nope, nothing exciting to see So what, right now, is important  What … Continue reading Pass the time

Being Ordinary

I AM outstandingly ordinary. Totally ordinary and doing it to the best of my ability. I once wanted to be EXTRA-ordinary, in a way we’re fed being extra-ordinary is. And by the way, being extra-ordinary is different to being EXTRA, I AM extra and not afraid to say 🙂 We’re fed that extra-ordinary is having … Continue reading Being Ordinary


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About Me

Hi, I’m Emily. I write, mainly about me because it’s what I know the most about. I draw too and write poetry sometimes. I’m super messy but love any tool that can help me organise myself and what’s going on inside. That’s why I blog, it’s like filing away my thoughts. I write about faith too but that’s intertwined with ALL the stuff of living. Welcome!

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